Sara Neidorf is one of the organizers and curators of the yearly Final Girls Berlin Film Festival, which showcases horror cinema that’s directed, written, or produced by women and non-binary and started in 2017. She’s also a drummer and a drum teacher involved in multiple music projects (Mellowdeath, Choral Hearse, Sarattma). Born in Philadelphia (US), she came to Berlin to study Film Theory/History and the cinema landscape in the German Capital.
In this episode, we talked about her passion for cinema, the challenges of organising a cinema festival in a time of fierce competition from other sources of entertainment, the importance of Nu-Metal for 12 year olds in the early 2000s, her several music projects and Berlin as a great hub for Female and Non-Binary cinema.

Martin Lopez, ex-Opeth 
Mercedes Lander, Kittie 
Mobile Kino 
B-Ware Ladenkino 
Elizabeth Schuch  
The Babadook
Xposed Film Festival

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